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David has recorded three instructional video tapes on Blues piano, two audio tape series and has two book/CD packages all for; Homespun Tapes. He also has an organ video and is featured on the cover of the January 2000 Homespun catalog. The most recent release is a Blues Piano DVD. Here's one of many customer reviews:

"Hi David, I purchased your DVD "Blues and Rock Techniques for Hammond Organ", and I find it GREAT. I have already checked lot of instructions keyboard DVD-s (over 10), and I find yours the best. I like your art of teaching and I learned a lot from you. Thanks for it! I wish you all the best!" Best regards Gabor

"The DVDs add fresh viewpoints to the materials found on the other CDs and VHS videos so that you don't repeat but really show new angles and add incrementally to what we've learned from the other sources. That seems to be a reason for your success in reaching so many people with your teaching. You know how to add incrementally in digestible chunks rather than "dump" a lot of stuff on a person all at once. Thanks for doing the DVDs!" MIke Heim, Redondo Beach, CA





I'm an old guy (56) who has been dabbling with the piano since high school. But I've never had so much fun as I'm having now since I purchased all four of your "Blues Piano" lessons from homespun. Thanks so much for putting these out. I wish I had found them long ago. You've got a great teaching method.
Thanks again,

- Mark


Dear David,

As you may remember, I wrote you that I am using your Homespun courses to play on the accordion.

I just bought your Ragtime audiocassette course and it really clinched all my accordion studies into
one neat perspective i.e., the accordion is a ragtime instrument and all accordion music -- even in 4/4 - is essentially ragtime music.

When I looked through the booklet that comes with your course, it looked just like accordion music -- especially with the swing bass in the left hand which we call alternating bass on the accordion. The accordion left hand is arranged with 2 rows of walking bass notes and then presets in a circle of 5ths pattern. This makes the accordion a ragtime instrument. Given that ragtime piano tried to imitate the horn bands and that the accordion is a wind instrument, ragtime sounds great on the accordion.

Working with your course has really put American music into perspective. Ragtime ought to be the first course studied in pop music and I have gotten to it last.

Oh, well...

Best, Alan Tischler Baltimore Hi David,

Just wanted to say thanks for the playing blues 1+2 manuals. I have only been playing for 6 months,
but I find the books very easy to follow. Absolutely brilliant! Do you have plans for any more?

Regards, Richard Daniel


Dear David

And taking the opportunity of saying 'thank you' I want to express my gratitude to you. As a self adult learner I've tried a lot of self-study blues books. Yours are doubtlessly the best. They come to help and keep encouraged teaching real blues and leaving space for personal development. Even through the wall of another language (I am Russian) and culture. Yours sincerely, Alex.


Dear Homespun,

I'm not much for writing letters to companies about their products, but I just couldn't help myself in this case. I've wanted to send you a letter for a couple years now, to tell you how much I enjoy your videotapes. Since I was a little kid I wanted to play the piano, but never got around to it. I'm now 46 years old. A couple years ago I noticed my sister had a small Casio keyboard. She said she wasn't
using it and I could have it, good luck. I got David Cohen's first blues tape….

Last week I was in Duluth, MN for the Bayfront Blues Fest, which is one of the premiere blues fests in the nation. Anyway the day before the blues fest I'm down in Canal Park, which is a tourist area with a bunch of shops and restaurants. In one of these small malls, out in the hallway or lobby, there's an old upright piano. I hadn't practiced for a couple days and was looking for an excuse. I sat down and let her rip. I really didn't care what I sounded like or who saw me. I did a couple of David Cohen blues tunes, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed I was starting to draw quite a little crowd. A little kid was dancing. It was great! Someone asked me "where'd you learn to play like that?" I said something
to the effect, "well, I was lucky. I had a pretty good teacher. He played with Country Joe and the Fish.

I've never had a formal lesson, other than your videotapes. I have gotten countless hours of enjoyment from them and the music I can now play.

Thank you. Sincerely, Mark Buschena

This is your biggest fan! My name is Shan Faulkner and I play the piano too. I live 20 min.east of Kansas City in a town called Blue Springs, MO. I just have to tell you something that is very important! YOUR PIANO LESSONS ARE INCREDIBLE! I thank you so much for the knowledge you have past on. I have been playing for sometime now and just wanted to say that all the ability that I have on playing the blues and boogie woogie you opened some new doors for me. I thank god there is someone like you providing the lessons and training it takes to provide all of us playing the blues piano and keeping alive.

Your vol.2 book and CD. was very understandable. You have lead me on a different path with my abilities. I wish so much to jam with you. Maybe I could show you a trick or two. ( ha! ha! ). I play absolutely nothing but the blues and boogie woogie. I also use the same piano as you do. The
YAMAHA P-200. I really enjoy it very much. I also would like to tell you that you are the only man out there providing this kind of piano teaching. I really want you to know that. I have searched absolutely everywhere for this kind of teaching. You are the only one out there on this subject.

There are to many learn how to books for beginners level. Thats basically all that is out there. I do
have a book with cd. from Tim Richards that was very very good. I look forward for your next vol. Please come out with a new book and cd. on boogie woogie and blues on an intermediate to advanced level on this subject! You demonstrate in such a way that it is very clear to all who play piano.

Just a little advice, maybe you could come out with an incredible book and cd. on the most devastating blues piano and boogie woogie to the best of your knowledge and ability. And ultimately and professionaly do them all in the keys of C,F,G. I can honestly say no one has ever done this on the market. If you could come out with a book and cd. like this I can guarantee the results would be incredible! For there are many piano players out there just waiting for something new for inspiration
to get out the rut they are in. In my opinion if this could exist it would top anything on the market on
this subject. David you are the talent that can do this for all! If this book and cd. could exist in a format on a professional level it would out do anything. I have searched and searched for this kind of material and it simply does not exist.

Please come out with a book and cd. on boogie woogie and blues piano in a way that takes us thru an entire blues song and boogie woogie song all instrumental. Make it like you did on vol.2. But make
each example longer in format. Your biggest fan in the midwest!


Hello David --

What can I say to tell you how great your Blues teaching is!?

I have gone through Blues 1 CD/book over the past year and have loved every step of the way. The road looks wide open now.....

You are a great teacher, David, and you know how to say the right things to keep a student going. Warm wishes to you and thank you!

Mike Heim in Redondo Beach, CA

New Book Featuring David!


David and other members of Country Joe & the Fish are featured in a new book by
Marti Smiley Childs & Jeff March entitled; Echoes of the Sixties. This book should be available at your favorite retail outlet or try one of your favorite online booksellers.